You’ve found the blog for Church at Barking Riverside!  We’re writing this as a place for inspiration, encouragement and honesty for anyone20190901_135659 wanting to share the journey of learning to shape our lives around Jesus.

This is mainly written by Sam and Anna, leaders of a new Christian community in Barking Riverside as part of the Church of England, though we’re hoping others will contribute from time to time! We’re passionate about seeing this community thriving with Jesus at the heart of every person and every place.
We’re still in our early days, and don’t have a typical pattern of church services. This is because church is who we are not a place we go, so we’re exploring new ways to be church together that help us all to follow Jesus in our every day. At the heart are shared values lived out in simple ways. We’ve started with a rhythm of prayer, including things we do daily, weekly and monthly.
Trying to follow Jesus and get to know Him better isn’t easy on our own. That’s why the core of our church is meeting up in groups of 8-12 people. These meet at different times and places to live out our values and make a difference in the places we are. Pursuing our vision, we will all keep creating more of these spaces for more people to thrive in Jesus. As we grow, we’ll also get together as a bigger community for monthly celebrations.
This is just the beginning. We don’t know what it will all look like because it will be shaped by the different people that are part of it. So if you want to get to know Jesus better or for the first time, why not join in and see where it takes us!

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