What are you living for?

Everything has changed…at least that’s what it feels like.  In the last two months I’ve moved house, changed jobs, and had my first child.  And the crazy thing is, I never planned any of it…

Since I can remember I felt a sense of call to church ministry that was gradually combined with a passion for theological education.  Three times I applied for a PhD, three times I asked God to close the door if it wasn’t right, and three times the door slammed shut.  Then, just over a year ago, when I’d parked that idea for twenty years from now, God brought it up again.  This time the door flew open with an offer of housing and income for a full year.

Then the fun started.

We knew that come June 2015 my income would stop, housing would stop, and, as we found out in comical timing, we’d also be expecting our first child.  What do you do in those moments?  It’s not easy.  We had no way to work it out on our own: no savings for a house deposit, no clear way to find income without leaving the very place and work we felt called to be in.  What do you do?

Be faithful.  Falteringly, with a great deal of trepidation, and in need of a great deal of encouragement from trusted friends, we decided to keep going in the direction we felt God leading, not knowing the whole path but taking the next step we did know.

He is so faithful.  To cut a long story short, over the last year we had a house deposit provided from totally unexpected quarters, a job offer come in that covered exactly the shortfall in our income after mortgage payments and fitted perfectly with all God had been speaking for this next season.  We had unexpected extensions of payment, anonymous gifts, and a small army of people coming to make our new house a home just in time for our first baby to arrive.

He is so kind, so creative, so beautiful in the way He works.  Woven into the mix of answers to the headline prayers are the intricate connections that have His fingerprints all over.  Like the person we bought our house from just happened to be a member of a mother and toddlers group run by a local church.  The first prayer she allowed someone to pray for her was for her house to be sold…and that week we put our offer in.  God answered our prayer by using us to answer someone else’s…how good is that?

Why I am telling you this?  He’s the same God for you as for me.

I’m not the only one with stories like these – they’re everywhere!  I didn’t do everything right – far from it!  I’m not yet at the end – there’s so much more to go!  You don’t have to be perfect, just open.  You don’t have to know the whole story, just the next step.  It won’t always be easy, but He is always good.

You’re made for a purpose.  Maybe you know what it is but you’re standing back, perhaps just on the brink, not yet taking that step.  Maybe you’ve stepped off and you’re wondering where you’re going to end up.  Maybe you’ve never stopped to ask if you’re where God wants you to be.  This story is for you.  My prayer is that it can be the nudge to get you moving, the encouragement to keep you going, and the pause to get you listening.

If you’ve got a similar story of God’s faithfulness when you stepped out…share the love in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “What are you living for?

  1. As I’m reading this I’m preparing, printing and wrapping my presents for Freya for our Third Wedding Anniversary- Looking back we would never have expected to have come this far- from where we were. From the depths of despair 2 years ago, through the blessing of Family (and our twins- with all that Father and Motherhood bring), and the foundation of Home (that we managed to buy, through prayer , which had otherwise been a pipe dream) within a community that cares; with a promotion that spreads the Gospel (so much so that I was recognized at a Church event; where I hadn’t realized that the “parents” I was addressing were actually an audience of 900!).

    The biggest realization I’ve had to date is this. We have a Servant King, who led by helping, and wants to help you; and church says “how can we help you?”. Its so easy for this to be confused with “how can you help us?” “how should I help?”, and to end up disheartened.

    “How Can We Help You?”- The Kingdom of God is here in this place- where we lovingly share our homes, our talents and our All with God- stepping out without knowing in to new directions that the World can sometimes scoff at. Faith is moving without knowing (sometimes, to an Island you’ve never been to, to an area you’ve never heard of!).

    Throughout all of this though, we should always remember (as one children’s worship song reminds us): Our God is a Great Big God- and he Holds us in his hands. That doesn’t mean it won’t be scary though- Mortgages, Child Birth, Hospitals, Moving, Responsibility…all of these things are!!

    But I know that God moved me from a dark and scary place, where I didn’t know how we would survive financially and feared for our literal daily bread, and brought us to a place where we can, and have blossomed and grown (and we still make mistakes!). And I know that without a loving and caring and great God, none of this would be possible. His timing is perfect (although it might not always feel it!).

    It seems appropriate to inject the below:

    Proverbs 3:5-6 Good News Translation (GNT)

    5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Never rely on what you think you know. 6 Remember the Lord in everything you do, and he will show you the right way.

    God believes in you (even if you don’t quite believe in him!).

    Sorry Sam- I’ve almost hijacked your blog post! I love reading them, and have been touched to respond! Back to the anniversary preparations!

    Big Love to You All

    Jeeves, Frazzles and the Twins 😀

    • Thank you for sharing Jeeves – you can hijack my blog for this kind of story any time! It’s so good to hear how God has been moving and so encouraging. You’re totally right that it’s scary, but still good! Have a great anniversary my friend 🙂

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